We Have a Missions Agency


After many conversations and getting to know each other, we have decided to apply to work with Serge: Grace at the Fray.  [You might know them by their former name: World Harvest Mission; they've been at this work for a long time now.]

     As the name implies, they are all about bringing the depth of God's grace into the frayed edges of the world and our relationships. We have long admired them from afar, and heard many good things about he way that this grace permeates their mission team cultures all over the world.

They are excited about the work of theological formation in Africa. They believe, like we do, that the future of Christianity and the future of the African Church are bound up in the health of indigenous pastoral leadership in the church. 

The most exciting thing about Serge is that they see getting a Ph.D as a necessary step to this work, just like language school and linguistics training is a prerequisite for Wycliffe Bible translators.  Loving our African brothers and sisters in Christ means we seek to bring our best for their long-term good.

We will attend their assessment and orientation week December 3-8. This is the last step of vetting before we receive final approval to be Serge missionaries. We should be able to receive donations through Serge after December 8th.   Please pray that the Lord will give us many partners and supporters to pledge support before then as we go on fundraising 'tour' this fall.

Flying over the Puget Sound

Flying over the Puget Sound