Theology Shapes the Church for Generations to Come

Shape African Pastors,
Shape The Future of Christianity

What will the African church of the future look like? What will they teach and preach?
     Those questions are answered by looking at the seminaries today. If we can be involved in shaping the next generation of pastors,  this will not only effect the African church but the shape of Christianity in the future.



It is expensive to run a seminary. Finding and keeping qualified lecturers, not to mention maintaining a campus, is costly. Fully-funded missionary lecturers are crucial for supporting the work of the seminary. Joining a faculty as a missionary helps maintain the work financially. However, we want to do more than help them limp along.

We want to invest in the long-term growth and health of a theological college or seminary. This means we will need to have a Ph.D in hand when we arrive. This helps the quality of our teaching, but also with their own attempts to be accredited, attract quality students, and grow as an institution of grace. 



Have you ever tried to help someone by fixing something for them, only to realize that they are much more concerned about something else entirely? This scenario is often played out in Missions work. We have to stop and ask, "What are the concerns and burden our African brothers and sisters are facing?"

It turns out that education is a big priority for them. For example, the Ugandan National Council for Higher Education estimates that 400,000 Ugandas earn bachelor's degrees every year. This investment in the future displays a hunger for their culture to be transformed through their own leaders. How can we invest in such a way that honors their responsibility to lead?

We want to invest in African institutions on their own terms. This calls for great humility and love as the mutual submission of the body of Christ is worked out.  Thankfully the Lord has already given us good connections and friendships on the ground. Find out more below.